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ABC Programme - After and Before School Care

OSCAR Approved

ABC Brochure​


Morning Session: 6:45am to 8:30am. Breakfast included up to 7:20am

Evening Session: 2:55pm to 6:00pm. Afternoon tea provided.


  • Rates charged out to the half hour (e.g. 7:10am = charged from 7am)
  • Rates based on 1 child
  • For more than 1 child a 10% discount will apply
  • Regular Bookings (2 set days or more per week)
  • Casual Bookings (1 set day per week or casual)

Morning: 6:45-8:30am. Breakfast included up to 7:20am

  • Regular Bookings:   $7.00 per hour
  • Casual Bookings:     $7.50 per hour

Afternoon: 2:55pm – 6pm

  • Regular Bookings:   $6.00 per hour
  • Casual Bookings:     $6.50 per hour


Absence: Sickness or no show after slot booked: no discount

If notification of absence 2 weeks prior to absence then no charge.

Enrolment and Bookings

Enrolment Form 

All children must be enrolled before attending.


Bookings are made by contacting the school office via phone or email.

Parents are expected to contact the school directly if there are any changes to booked hours, or for casual bookings.

To make a casual booking contact the school prior to 2.00pm on the day. An enrolment form is required prior to casual bookings. 

The Programme

St Teresa's School ABC Programme will provide a safe, varied and stimulating programme that meets the developmental, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children. 

  • Well- being of children attending is paramount. 
  • It is a safe, positive and child focussed environment, ensuring that all children and their families feel welcome, included and valued as individuals. 
  • Activities are varied and organized each day. 

This will include:

  • Free time
  • 20 – 30 minutes of supervised homework time or reading time for those who don't have homework. 
  • Planned and organised age appropriate activities.

St Teresa's School Behaviour Management System (PB4L Programme) will be upheld.
Staff will use a clear and consistent approach to guide children's behaviour.